What do we provide?

Health care for your muscles and joints.


We screen and correct poor body movements before they lead to injury.


We treat your muscle and joints when injury occurs.


We fill the gap between returning to activity and returning to performance.

Other Services...

Astym Therapy

Most Americans have some sort of chornic pain. You don't have to suffer any longer! Elevate Wellness Solutions provides Astym Therapy! Astym is an evidence based soft tissue treatment shown to be superior to other muscle-tendon treatments. Don't settle for less; demand the best!

Dry Needle Therapy

Elevate values continued education. In the past several years, there has been a demand for clinicians to learn and practice Dry Needle Therapy. Elevate has invested in learning and applying this treatment to improve our clients' pain and function. If you are wondering if this treatment is right for you, consult with Elevate today!

Concussion Help

We understand concussions and the concern that comes with brain injury. One of the most important things to consider is when to safely return to full activity. Due to the ebb and flow of concussion symptoms that can often go undetected, Elevate offers a technology from Brightlamp. The technology is called Reflex and it allows us to objectively measure how well your nervous system is working based on the function of the pupil. Let us know if Elevate can help you determine if you are ready for action after concussion.

RER Program

You deserve to recover as quickly as the professional and elite athletes do! Whether you are working through pre-surgery, post-surgery, or just want to recover from that intense training session; Elevate has the equipment you need for rent!

Distance Medicine

We know how busy you are...you just want to know the severity of your injury but are unable to see your primary care physician the same day. We can help! Call us and we will set up a phone or video consultation.

Professional Mentoring

Learning from one another's experiences can be very beneficial. Our team has years of clinical experience, publishing scientific papers, presenting research, educating, leading, and working in academia. Let us know how we can share our experiences to help you succeed!

I have devoted the last 18 years to athletic training and sports medicine. My athletic training journey has taken me down several roads...all to benefit you, my potential client. I'm an advocate of evidence based medicine. I make it a priority to not only look to the evidence and my clinical experience for solutions, but your values as a patient. Let's work together to get you better!

-Andrew T. Doyle

President and Director of Clinical Intervention