Want freedom from pain?

We can ELEVATE your performance by resolving your muscle and joint pain.


At Elevate, we believe that everybody should have access to muscle and joint health care; regardless of occupation, life status, or physical ability.

Life Changing

We strive to provide a life changing experience through our servant mindset, our attention to detail, and our one-on-one treatment approach.


We believe a clinical practice constantly improves as information becomes available. Clinician's are responsible for acquiring and applying new information. Our clinicians are more than just educated...we hold credentials and certifications in various treatments in physical medicine.


We know traveling through life with pain and movement dysfunction can distort your view on life. We see the body as a uniquely designed system, intertwined with the mind and spirt. We respect this philosophy by taking a holistic approach in your treatment. Let us assist you in reaching your intended victories!

Active Therapy

We strive to engage you, our client. We do this by using your movement to aid your healing. You will be provided knowledge, exercises, and motivation to advance your wellness. You will take an active role in your treatment if you choose us to help with your muscle and joint health.


We understand the dynamic world of health care. We constantly strive to integrate the best evidence in your care plan while respecting your values as a patient and integrating our years of clinical experience.