No Pain & Fully Functional!

I would highly recommend Andrew Doyle to help with injury recovery. My 15 year old daughter had a severe ankle sprain in Nov. 2020 that ended her high school basketball season. After multiple X-rays, walking boot, and different braces, she was still having significant pain and swelling during the spring of 2021 that limited her physical activity. We sought out Andrew for treatment during the spring and summer of 2021. Andrew’s treatment plan helped her to regain strength and mobility of her ankle. He was flexible with appointments while working around our busy schedules. My daughter was able to fully participate in soccer during the fall 2021 season with no pain or swelling!

Lisa, Nurse and Soccer Mom

South Bend, IN

Running Stronger Than Ever!

I highly recommend Andrew Doyle for gaining or regaining strength and mobility! When I sustained an injury in a race, I thought my distance running was over, especially since I’m an older runner. But after a few weeks of working with Andrew, I can run again with no pain!

Andrew's work has been so effective because he really listens to both my current pains and my goals, and then he treats core issues rather than just symptoms. His treatments have not only helped me return to distance running (Carmel Marathon in March!), but he has taught me how to continue improving. Thank you, Andrew!

Barb, Marathon Runner

Upland, IN

One Treatment & Pain is Gone

I’m so pleased following my visit with Andrew. After several falls in years past, starting a new job that required more walking, and then another recent fall, I was having consistent hip and knee pain. I was needing to take medicine daily to dull the pain and was having trouble sleeping and walking. I was concerned that I had really hurt myself.

My husband and a friend both suggested I set up a visit to see if Andrew’s expertise would help. After one hour of his intervention and following through with suggested stretching, my pain has gone away. I was a skeptic but am so pleased to know that a few specific adjustments from a knowledgeable provider have assisted in such an amazing way! I will definitely return if I have any concerns in the future!

Tasha, Working Mom

Marion, IN

Patient and Professional

Thank you for being understanding of our financial situation...

I truly appreciate all you did for me. I was struggling so much with pain. I appreciate your patience and professionalism in trying to sort out all my issues.

Christina, Working Mom

Rochester, IN

Unmatched Service...

I am an avid 5K runner and was having issues with one of my knees during races. Andrew was very prompt and caring in handling the situation. After I first reached out to him he got back to me right away via phone to discuss what was going on, as well as with setting up an in-person consultation. His schedule was flexible and he was able to work around anything I had going on (he saw me at 5pm when most clinics close!). He showed me that my health was important to him, and he was eager to help me get back to running pain free.

When we met, after a few questions he started walking me through some things that could be going on. The examination was thorough, and he made me aware of everything he was doing and what he was checking for. Afterwards he gave me a few things I could do to continue treatment on my own. He also followed up with me a few weeks later to make sure I was still doing well. I would definitely recommend using Andrew for any athletic training needs!

Zak, Elementary Teacher

South Bend, IN

Calm, Consistent and Effective

My 8th grade daughter saw Dr. Doyle twice for different running issues. As an athletic trainer, his familiarity with different sports was a great asset. In the first case, he came to our home, asked calming questions of both my daughter and myself to diagnose her knee pain. His treatment lasted less than an hour and she had immediate relief in her knee and lasted the rest of her season. We were so pleased with the results of our first visit with Dr. Doyle we visited him again for my daughter's hip pain (unrelated to the knee). The results were exactly the same. He quickly and calmly diagnosed her pain and spent less than an hour treating her. Dr. Doyle gave my daughter rehab exercises and she was pain free for the rest of her running season. Both consultations were in the fall, and my daughter has since moved on to a different sport and has zero pain this season with her knee and hip.

Dr. Doyle's knowledge and bedside manner were on full display during both of our visits. It was very obvious he wanted to help and certainly has the expertise to do so.

Thank you Dr. Doyle!

Nate, Track Coach/Teacher

Marion, IN